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The Benefits Of Dental Bridges Over Traditional Dentures

Posted on 7/10/2023 by Bryan Neu
The Benefits Of Dental Bridges Over Traditional Dentures A dental bridge is a good substitute for traditional dentures. Dentures are made of prosthetics that fit well where there were missing teeth. They have metal attachments that hold them in place to help one eat, speak and execute other oral functions. Bridges on the other hand are permanent fittings that have crowns attached to the adjacent teeth.

Talk of suitability

With bridges, you do not need to go to the dentist's office now and then for repairs and adjustments. Additionally, bridges are not removable as compared to dentures. Dentures are removed and cleaned at the end of every day. You also need to soak them in water through the night. Removing the dentures allows gums some relief from the pressure and friction. Dentures require frequent adjustments and visits to dentists. For someone who has a busy schedule, this can prove to be quite challenging. All that dental bridges require is that you maintain regular oral hygiene by brushing twice a day and flossing. Schedule a checkup once in a while to ensure that the bridges still fit perfectly.

Bone mass conservation

Bridges have a titanium rod that attaches to the jawbone and helps to keep the dental bridge in place. Besides shielding against the loss of bone mass, bridges also direct signals to the body so that nutrients are supplied to the jawbone. Nutrient supply ensures that tissues are repaired and grow normally. A strong jawbone is what keeps the facial features intact and appealing. Dentures on the other hand do not have structures that attach to the jawbone and this leads to a lot of bone mass loss.

No harm to the other healthy teeth

Bridges are steady which in turn safeguards the adjacent teeth from loosening. Comparing that with dentures, there is a big difference. The constant removal of dentures every day plays a big role in the other teeth loosening. The constant wiggling can cause tooth loss or decay. Are you considering getting a dental bridge? You have found the right people. We have several dentists on our team who will be delighted to offer you any assistance.
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