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Can Stress Really Cause Teeth Grinding, and What Can I Do About It?

Posted on 2/2/2024 by Weo Admin
Man staring at his computer stressed out.When stress takes over in our lives, our bodies take it on as well, like clenching our jaws and grinding our teeth. This is definitely not the best way to handle stress or take care of our teeth.

Addressing Stress

Well beyond the nuisance of what is causing the stress, it is important to know its adverse effects. These include jaw pain, headaches, and wear and tear on jaw structures. This, in turn, prompts costly dental interventions. Also, it could lead to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders hindering the jaw joint and its movement.

How Can We Make It Better?

You can take action to relieve the effects of stress. Here are some down-to-earth ways to address tooth grinding while you are stressed.

Relaxation Techniques

Find the activity you like that works well to relieve your stress. Whether it is deep breathing, a bit of yoga, going on a walk, or just taking a short break to stare into space, your jaws will thank you as the tension leaves your face.

Night Guards for Sweet Dreams

If teeth grinding keeps reoccurring, how about you put on a night guard? The guard will shield your teeth throughout the night, maintaining their healthy status. Our dentist can have a night guard customized for your teeth.

Ease Up on Stress

Identify those stress triggers and see if there is a way to lighten the load. Your teeth will thank you later.

Gentle Massage

Before going to bed, show your jaw some care by applying some physical touch. A warm washcloth or a little massage can help your jaw muscles relax, keeping them from going into full grind mode while you are asleep.

Final Thoughts on Stress and Teeth Grinding

Life is a wild ride, and stress comes with the territory. But our teeth do not have to be the casualties. Take a breather, listen to your body, and consider a night guard for your teeth grinding. For more information on oral health care and teeth grinding, consult our dentist today.
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