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Call Us If You Notice a Dental Problem

Posted on 11/20/2018 by Bryan Neu
Call Us If You Notice a Dental ProblemThere are many important resources that can be used to self-diagnose and treat from home for a wide array of issues you may face in life.

However, when it comes to your teeth, you should always rely on a dental professional to take care of the problem – you may not be able to fix the problem, and could just end up making it worse.

At-Home Treatment

While fixing problems yourself is a great way to save time and money, when your teeth are involved, this is reckless, dangerous, and could possibly end up costing you far more money than if you had just sought out proper treatment.

In particular, many people remove baby teeth at home, with a variety of folk remedies ranging from pliers to the old (and horrific) “shoestring on the doorknob” trick. It is a simple, quick, mostly painless procedure to perform at home – except that avoiding damage to the mouth requires a complex understanding of how it works, our in-office treatment is often just as quick or faster to securely remove damaged or lost teeth, and in our hands, there doesn't need to be any pain.

Understand the Risks

If all seems to go well after looking up online how to perform your own in-home root canal surgery, you may feel justified in treating home-treatment to your peers in the future. This is known as the “Survivor's Fallacy”, and just because you didn't experience the worst-case scenario doesn't mean that tens thousands of people every day do.

Improperly treating dental issues almost always leads to future problems developing, which will require even more specialized care to fix. Whether a feverish infection or permanent damage to the jaw, there are some truly terrifying potential complications that can develop when you treat your dental care needs at home.

Do not take that risk upon your shoulders. Please call us to schedule an appointment immediately, so that you can have the compassionate and qualified care your mouth deserves. And always feel free to ask us what you can be doing after your appointment to be part of the treatment procedure.
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