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Can a Dentist Whiten Right After Using an At-Home Whitening Kit?

Posted on 11/30/2018 by Bryan Neu
Can a Dentist Whiten Right After Using an At-Home Whitening Kit?You've just whitened your teeth at home, but they're not quite perfect yet. Your next step is heading in to visit us to finish the job, but is it safe, and will it be effective? Are there any considerations you should make before and after at-home whitening?

Cleaning Considerations

It largely depends on what type of treatment you do at home, and what sort of cleaning you intend to get done during your visit. To a lesser extent, your teeth's sensitivity may play a role, as they may need time to recover after one treatment before being seen for another.

The most common variety of home whitening solution is a peroxide or bleach based whitening gel, which is either applied to the teeth directly with a pen or held in place with a mouth guard for a fixed duration. If you are coming in for a bleach treatment, we recommend calling in advance to make sure that your prior treatment won't leave your teeth sensitive and sore after our retouch.

You may instead opt for a UV light cleaning or a debridement (a procedure where we scrape your teeth clean and remove difficult, set-in stains), both of which shouldn't conflict with a whitening gel treatment done at home. But again, the best advice is to contact us first, since your teeth may be too sensitive after exposure to home-cleaning agents for a comfortable visit for further treatment.

In essence, it largely depends on how sensitive your teeth are, what treatment you've already done, and what treatment you're intending on having done professionally. For the most robust cleaning and whitening, we encourage you to come in for an appointment and talk to our specialists about the unique needs of your mouth, and which home whitening kits we'd recommend for you!
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