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What the Paleo Diet Means for Your Oral Health

Posted on 12/30/2018 by Bryan Neu
What the Paleo Diet Means for Your Oral HealthThere are many people taking part in the Paleo diet. It is eating foods much like a caveman would have eaten. This diet is high in protein, as meats, berries, and vegetables are the main staples of the diet. This may be good for your body, according to some studies, but is it really good for your oral health? After a bit of time with people giving this diet a try, the results are a bit mixed.

How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy While On the Paleo Diet

Since you are eating an abundance of protein, your mouth is going to have to work hard to keep your teeth clean. The proteins are broken down by very specific types of bacteria. Those bacteria leave behind a sulfur smell, which may be difficult for you and those around you to tolerate. You will need to make sure to brush your teeth extra well when on the Paleo diet to keep from having halitosis.

You are also going to have to be very careful about how much calcium you get. For many who turn to the Paleo diet, they eat very few objects that contain calcium naturally, since they cut out most, if not all, dairy. This can cause many issues, but in terms of your oral health, it can weaken your enamel and your jaw, leaving you far more likely to face cavities.

Make sure you up your calcium through other means, specifically greens. This way, you can keep your teeth healthy while trying to boost your health of your overall body. The Paleo diet is one many people choose to try. If you are one of them, let us know about it. That way, we can have you come in just a little more often to keep an eye on how healthy your mouth is.
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