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Medication Options for Tooth Sensitivity

Posted on 1/20/2019 by Bryan Neu
Medication Options for Tooth SensitivityIf you have sensitive teeth, activities like brushing and even eating and drinking can cause pain. Sensitivity often occurs when the enamel wears down, exposing the tooth roots. Fortunately, there are ways to improve your discomfort.


Fluoride is really the only "medication" that is being used to treat sensitive teeth. You'll have fluoride applied at your dental appointment, specifically on the sensitive areas. The fluoride works to strengthen the enamel, and it can ultimately reduce pain. Prescription fluoride may also be recommended for use at home, and you can apply it to your teeth via a custom tray.

Desensitizing Toothpaste

In addition to fluoride applications, desensitizing toothpaste can help to block the pain connected to sensitive teeth. There are many products that you can find over-the-counter at your local pharmacy, and we can help you to select the right one.

Other Dental Treatments

In addition to fluoride and specialized toothpastes, depending on the severity of your sensitivity and enamel erosion, other dental treatments may be recommended:

•  Bonding. If the roots are highly exposed, applying a bonding resin to the root surfaces may be beneficial. This can block pain signals in the future.
•  Root canal treatment. If sensitivity causes severe pain and other, more conservative treatments don't seem to be working, a root canal might be warranted. This procedure will treat the issue within the dental pulp. While this is a more invasive treatment than some other options, it is one of the best techniques for eliminating sensitivity.
•  Gum grafting. If lost gum tissue is the reason for exposed roots, a graft can help to protect the root and minimize sensitivity.

Ultimately, if your tooth sensitivity is bothering you, it is important that you let us know. We will examine your teeth to determine the cause of the problem and how to successfully treat it.
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