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Other Names for Baby Teeth You May Not Know

Posted on 6/25/2019 by Bryan Neu
Other Names for Baby Teeth You May Not KnowBaby teeth are a term that is used to talk about the teeth in a child's mouth that they first get. These are the teeth that they lose before their permanent or adult teeth come in. They actually have more names that go with them, not just baby teeth.

Baby teeth are one of the most known terms that is used to describe these teeth, though, and it is the term that is most often known. Learn what other names come with these teeth and if you ever hear them from someone else, you will be able to know what they are talking about.

Other Names to Know for Baby Teeth

There are many other names that baby teeth are known as. Some people use the names, others may not have heard of them before. However, regardless of what you call them, these small teeth are the first to come in and they are just as important as the permanent teeth that follow.

Baby teeth are also known as milk teeth, temporary teeth or deciduous teeth. Some people may even have other names for them, as well. These are the small teeth that come in around a year of age or before and are replaced by the permanent, adult teeth that you keep for the rest of your life. Both sets of teeth are equally as important.

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