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Is Tea a Good Way to Battle Bad Breath?

Posted on 8/25/2019 by Bryan Neu
Is Tea a Good Way to Battle Bad Breath?There is nothing worse than finding out you have bad breath because someone tells you. That is why it is important to not only know how to tell if you have bad breath, but what to do about it.

For some people the solution to bad breath is with a stick of gum or some type of mint. For others, battling the bad breath can start in a different way. Tea offers another possible solution to the problem of bad breath. The question you have to ask is whether it is the best option and why it will work.

The Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath comes in different forms. Some people have bad breath that is temporary. It is a result of the foods they eat or something else that once they brush their teeth and floss will go away. Others suffer from chronic bad breath. This is bad breath that does not go away easily. It is often the result of oral health issues that need help.

Turning to tea if your bad breath is the result of eating a lot of onions will not help very much. In that case you have better options. Tea can help with chronic bad breath and can prevent bad breath from happening.

What Does Tea Offer

The bacteria in your mouth, on your teeth, gums and tongue are often the cause of the bad breath. If the bacteria are not removed, the bad breath will continue. If you suffer from gum disease or tooth decay, you may also suffer from bad breath. That is where tea can help.

Tea is one of the best ways to improve oral health. It can help fight the bacteria that is the cause of gum disease, tooth decay and other oral health issues. For some people, using tea as a mouthwash can help eliminate some bad breath by removing the bacteria in the mouth.

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