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Is Sleeping Through Your Dental Procedures the Best Approach When You Have Anxiety?

Posted on 11/15/2019 by Bryan Neu
Is Sleeping Through Your Dental Procedures the Best Approach When You Have Anxiety?Dentist-phobia is a common fear many people have, and we see our fair share of patients who struggle with it. Many of our patients say their fear started at an early age or started after a bad or painful experience.

We have even seen patients who have avoided our office, even though they were experiencing extreme pain. We want you to know that we are always willing to listen to any concerns you may have before your visit, and we also think we can help you through your anxiety by educating you on any procedure you might need.

We always make sure to accommodate our patients as best as possible while still performing any necessary work, and we have been asked over the years is it okay to fall asleep while the procedure is conducted. The short answer is sometimes. Okay, that was not really an answer, but we can explain further.

When Is It Okay to Fall Asleep During A Procedure?

The answer might surprise you, but falling asleep during some procedures is actually recommended! However, there are procedures that you will need to be awake for. The most common procedure we will need you awake for is during a teeth cleaning. During a dental cleaning we will need you awake so that you can follow some of our instructions. We might need you to move your tongue around or open your mouth wider so that we can reach into certain areas for a thorough clean.

Many surgeries, however, we recommend going to sleep. It is always your choice to take dental sedation, but we always recommend it. During dental sedation, you will experience drowsiness and most likely remember none of your procedure. We implement it because the pain of the procedure may be too much to bear, and by being asleep you will not feel any of it.

Before you try to catch some Z's, at your next appointment, talk to us first. We will be able to inform you whether there will be an opportunity to get some beauty sleep. We will also be happy to tell you more about your procedure.
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