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How to Manage a Loose Filling

Posted on 11/25/2019 by Bryan Neu
How to Manage a Loose FillingDental fillings are a great solution to a wide range of dental issues. They are normally fused to the jawbone which keeps them steady in the mouth.

However, sometimes these fillings tend to get loose. Usually in such a situation, you will often feel something is not right in the mouth, have problems when biting down or feeling pain and discomfort when food particles are stuck in between a certain section of the mouth. When this happens, do not shrug it off or ignore the discomfort.

What to do When your Fillings are Loose

When you feel these problems aren't going away after a couple of days, it's prudent to make an appointment with us. WE will perform an oral health exam to determine if the filling is loose, broken or any other issue that may be causing the problem. We will then perform a range of exams such as an x-ray to be able to see the extent of decay or damage on the tooth. From the results of these tests, we can then determine the appropriate course correction strategies to make the tooth better.

In such a case, we could repair the tooth by placing another filling. This strategy has the merit of entirely reinforcing the tooth. In some instances when the damage is too extensive, we would have to extract the tooth to prevent further damage and treat infected tissue.

Preventive Dentistry

The best way a person can avoid situations such as loose fillings is by having good dental hygiene and be serious about your oral health and visiting your us after the stipulated amount of time. This means brushing teeth at least twice every day, flossing and also taking care of what you eat.

If you feel that something is not settled in right in your mouth, please book an appointment as soon as possible. The sooner you come in, the simpler the course of treatment will be. That's because the damage will not be as extensive as when you wait and cause the tooth to wear down the area.
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