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Waiting a Year between Appointments is a Recipe for Oral Health Problems

Posted on 12/15/2019 by Bryan Neu
Waiting a Year between Appointments is a Recipe for Oral Health ProblemsThere are many reasons to see the dentist twice per year. In fact, it is known by few that seeing your dentist twice every year is the minimum amount of time you should visit the dentist. There are those that take their oral health very seriously and will usually visit the dentist every 3 to 4 months.

Is Twice Per Year Really Necessary?

A general recommendation you should be inspected every six months. This is the norm for those healthy people that are usually in their late teens and early 20's. Yet, for those people with the habit of practicing poor oral hygiene or those whom have had previous problems, genetic factors, and dental procedures.

They don't understand that they have a need for more regular supervision those phobias of the dentist's drill, busy lifestyle's, and general forgetfulness mean that those important checkups can quickly be forgotten. While some with healthy teeth can go as long as a year before truly needing a once-over, people who choose to miss dental checkups can suffer very quick and experience rapid deterioration of their oral health status.

Dangers of Missing Appointments for Long Periods

At six months some people are starting to develop small cavities in their teeth. These holes are caused by tooth decay, which will get gradually erode and damage the mouth. Without treatment, these cavities lead to tooth loss. Checkups aren't just for tooth health, they can spot the early signs of oral cancer, extremely important for people who smoke or drink regularly.

One common sign oral cancer is an ulcer developing in the mouth that doesn't heal within a couple days. If it's caught quickly, studies show the survival rate is promising, but it does drop rapidly. After a year missing out on dental intervention, it usually means gum disease is realistic. Symptoms include gums that bleed sometimes and are painful. People will brush less or they will avoid those gum areas causing the problem to get worse. 

Missing for a year can create a simple cavity that would have been quick and simple to now be a painful abscess, root canal, or lost tooth a year later. Gum recession can become more likely. Previous dental work can start to fail. Checkups are not worth missing for anything non-emergency. 
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