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How your Teeth Benefit from Your Eating Dark Chocolate

Posted on 2/15/2020 by Bryan Neu
How your Teeth Benefit from Your Eating Dark ChocolateWe love chocolate! Well, most people do anyway, because it just seems to make everything better! But dark chocolate doesn't just make us happy because it tastes soooo good, this great-tasting chocolate is one of the most complex foods we know and contains over 300 natural chemicals, including an ingredient called phenylethylamine, which arouses similar feelings to those we feel while we are in love. So, when you say you love dark chocolate, it is because you probably really do!

BUT is it really healthy for your teeth? Short answer: Absolutely.

Food For Thought

We could stop right there, but I will tell you why. Dark chocolate is an antioxidant-rich superfood. It can improve your mood, reduce your risk of heart disease and may even, in some instance help prevent cancer. There have even been some studies that show that eating dark chocolate every day can increase the blood flow to your brain and help with your cognitive thinking as you age so, it helps make us smarter, too!

Is dark chocolate better than fluoride? There are some studies that yes, show that dark chocolate is effective, more effective at fighting cavities, plaque, and tooth decay than fluoride. Dark chocolate is a good source of polyphenols which are natural chemicals that can limit oral bacteria. They are also able to neutralize the microorganisms that cause bad breath and prevent some bacteria from turning sugar and starches into acid, which are known to cause havoc on teeth. However, eating dark chocolate is not a replacement for brushing and flossing regularly.

The antioxidants in dark chocolate have been shown to fight periodontal disease and research suggests it might be better indeed at fighting tooth decay than fluoride. There is a compound found in chocolate called CBH that could be used in mouthwashes and toothpaste someday.

Should you brush your teeth with chocolate – probably not. Is milk chocolate good for your teeth? No. If you want to know more about what foods and nutritional things are good for you and your teeth, we encourage you to call our office and let us talk to you about it!
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