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Dry Mouth May Be Ruining Your Good Oral Health

Posted on 3/15/2020 by Bryan Neu
Dry Mouth May Be Ruining Your Good Oral HealthIf you have a problem with dry mouth, it may be because of the medication you are taking. You can also get dry mouth because of the aging process or because of other health conditions, such as diabetes or heart ailments.

Dry mouth can also result from alcohol or tobacco use or from nerve damage. This type of problem can lead to dental problems. Therefore, it is important to address it medically and dentally.

Why Dry Mouth Occurs

When you have dry mouth, it is because your salivary glands cannot produce enough saliva. In turn, you may notice a number of symptoms – symptoms that can be both frustrating and debilitating. Symptoms associated with dry mouth include a feeling of stickiness in the mouth, or saliva that is stringy or thick. People with dry mouth also may have bad breath or experience hoarseness or a sore throat. Dry mouth can also lead to problems with swallowing, speaking, and chewing.

When you don't have enough of a production of saliva, it can lead to gum disease or tooth decay. You need the extra saliva to clean away plaque and to get rid of any food debris. In addition, dry mouth may lead to a yeast infection in the mouth (thrush) or to canker sores. The lips or corners of the mouth may also become cracked, split, or sore. A case of dry mouth can make it difficult to eat as well, as the patient often experiences problems with swallowing or chewing.

If you have dry mouth, we can help you follow a dental program that will alleviate the symptoms. First, you need to find out the origin. If your dry mouth comes from taking a medication, you may be able to adjust the dosage. We suggest that patients drink plenty of water and breathe through their nose. We can also recommend an over-the-counter saliva substitute.

In addition, we frequently suggest that patients with dry mouth, suck on a sugar-free candy – one that is not acidic. Choose a candy that contains Xylitol, which tastes sweeter rather than sour. You can overcome a problem with dry mouth. We are here to help you succeed. Call us to schedule a check-up today.
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