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Whiter Teeth Give You a Younger Appearance

Posted on 10/19/2020 by Bryan Neu
Whiter Teeth Give You a Younger AppearanceThink back to a time before you needed a coffee every day and to before you needed cigarette breaks. Remember standing on a stool in front of the mirror to check the progress of your newest tooth breaking through your gums? Our teeth start out so brilliantly white and shiny when they first emerge. It's what we do with our mouth that dulls and stains them over the years. So, it stands to reason that increasing the whiteness in our teeth will make the years we spent staining them seem like a thing of the past.

How Can I Make My Teeth Like New?

Now, whiter teeth can't make you look like you're seven again. We're oral professionals – not magicians. However, a brilliant smile can make you look younger. The bigger question, which I'm sure is at the front of your mind, is how can you make your teeth whiter? Let's start with the basics: If you don't regularly floss and brush your teeth, start. If you eat and drink foods that promote the staining of your teeth, stop. Oral maintenance is key to visually and physically improving teeth, along with the rest of your mouth. Coupled with self-maintenance is regular visits with us!

Biannual cleanings are the standard and they really make a difference in how your smile looks and feels. The downside with all these tactics is that if you weren't already doing them it is going to take some time to correct the damage. For more instantaneous results, we can do a teeth whitening in our office. You'll be looking younger within a matter of minutes that way, but you will have to perform the basic maintenance in order to keep your results. Call today and ask us about our teeth whitening services.
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