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Broken Teeth Increase the Potential for Inflammation in Your Body

Posted on 12/7/2020 by Bryan Neu
Broken Teeth Increase the Potential for Inflammation in Your BodyPatients who notice cracks, chips, and spits in their teeth should contact our office immediately. Failing to treat teeth with these degrees of damage can cause severe damage to the patient's health – both in the mouth and in the body overall.

A Broken Tooth as an Entryway for Bacteria

Broken teeth are far more susceptible to infections than whole teeth. Harmful bacteria can enter the crack and infect the underlying nerves and pulp. The inside of the tooth can also serve as a staging area for harmful bacteria, where they can reproduce and spread throughout the body. The harmful bacteria responsible for toothaches and necrosis in the pulp can cause similar pain and complications in areas such as the digestive system and the respiratory system.

Treating Broken Teeth

Our team has multiple ways to resolve a broken tooth problem. Installing a dental crown will protect a damaged tooth from cracking or splitting further. Mild cracks may be fixed with dental bonding, a process where we apply resin to repair and rebuild the tooth. Severely broken teeth – such as cracks that extend to the gumline – will likely require an extraction. Our team can fill the tooth gap with a bridge or a dental implant; we can also use dentures when an arch of teeth or an entire set of teeth need to be replaced.

An untreated broken tooth can threaten the entire body. Patients should contact our office immediately at the first indication that one or more teeth are broken. Our staff will schedule an appointment at the earliest opportunity, examine the broken teeth, and recommend the most effective course of action for the specific break. There are no safe home remedies for a broken tooth, so do not hesitate to contact us.
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