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What to Expect When Getting Braces?

Posted on 3/8/2021 by Bryan Neu
What to Expect When Getting Braces?One of the most commonly asked questions about braces is whether they hurt or not? Honestly, braces do not hurt. In fact, when we attach the metal brackets over the teeth, the patient barely even feels any discomfort. However, when we fixate the wire through the attachments, you can expect some discomfort, and some patients even experience slight pain.

Process of Getting Braces

Though braces are an extremely common orthodontic treatment, getting anxious before your placement appointment is natural. You will have to come in for multiple visits, including consultation and digital X-ray appointments. Here's all you need to know about the process.

•  Placement Day – You can definitely expect some discomfort on placement day, as your mouth will be open for an extended period. You can also expect your mouth to feel extra dry, as keeping the teeth dry is a critical part of the process.
•  Discomfort After Placement – You will have to give yourself two to three days to learn how to move your jaw and chew food. We suggest you stick to foods that are easier to eat in the first few days. You can even go on a liquid-based diet such as soups and start with softer foods such as sandwiches after two to three days.
•  Care for Your Teeth and Braces – You will have to avoid eating overly chewy and crunchy foods that can get stuck in your braces. Do not skip brushing or flossing your teeth, and follow your normal oral healthcare routine with an antiseptic mouthwash for optimal care.
•  Do not Skip your Appointments – You will have to visit your dentist every few months to get your braces tightened, besides the bi-annual regular dental check-ups. Do not skip those, as timely progression is essential for braces to provide optimal results. In case a bracket break or a wire comes loose before your regular appointment, schedule an extra one and get it fixed immediately, or you may end up stalling the process unnecessarily.
•  Managing the Discomfort – Some people have a lower pain tolerance than others. So, what is discomfort for some can be painful for others. However, that is nothing to worry about, as the discomfort/pain is manageable. We can prescribe you over the counter medications to deal with the pain.

Don't forget to brush and floss before your visit, as that can help relieve some of the anxiety and can quicken the process a little. Reach out to Neu Family Dental for a consultation today!
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