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We Want You to Ask Questions to Help Understand Your Cavity Treatment

Posted on 5/10/2021 by Bryan Neu
We Want You to Ask Questions to Help Understand Your Cavity TreatmentWe have worked hard to develop an office culture that is relaxing and comfortable and at the same time provide top quality dental care. We want to give our patients the best possible experience as well as offer the highest level of dental care. We pride ourselves in patient education and look forward to your questions at your next visit.

Questions You May Have About Cavities

If you find yourself in our dental chair with the news that you have a cavity, we want you to feel comfortable to ask questions. Many people know that a cavity is a hole in your teeth. However, people wonder how that cavity got there.

A cavity is the result of tooth decay. After you eat the bacteria in your mouth convert the sugars from your food into acids. The acids penetrate the enamel on your tooth and create holes. It is possible that a toothache or sensitivity alerted you to a cavity forming in your mouth.

When it is time to fill the cavity, please feel free to ask questions about what type of filling you might be receiving in your mouth. Many people ask questions about what material is in the fillings we use, how long they last, and what level of discomfort they may feel. Feel free to ask us if your dental insurance will cover a filling as well. We work with many insurance companies on a daily basis.

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We want to encourage you to ask questions to understand any dental procedure. Specifically, if you have a cavity, we are happy to discuss your treatment plan with you. We look forward to working with you, and value your questions. Stop by our office today to schedule your next cleaning and exam.
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