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Why Do Acidic Drinks Lead to Tooth Pain?

Posted on 9/21/2021 by Bryan Neu
Why Do Acidic Drinks Lead to Tooth Pain?Most people have at least once thought of the effect of acidic foods on their intestinal tracts. However, most do not think of the effect of acidic foods on their teeth. Highly acidic foods are known to cause sensitivity in teeth. Research shows that acidic and alkaline foods impact our teeth and gum lines.

Acidic drinks also have a lasting and detrimental effect on the teeth and gums. Any drink with a PH value of less than seven is considered to be acidic. The lower the PH value, the more damaging an effect it will have on your teeth. To understand the effects of acids on your teeth, you must learn how they relate.

Why Acids Are Harmful to Your Teeth

Many popular drinks, such as citrus fruit juices, contain high levels of acid. Continued exposure to these acids causes the enamel to start wearing down. The enamel is the outer layer of your tooth. It serves to protect the insides of your tooth by coating it. When the enamel starts to wear off, a cavity forms. Bacteria then start collecting inside the cavity, spreading to the inside of the tooth. Once inside the tooth, bacteria start eating up the tissues around it and spread towards the bone. This first stage of infection is called gingivitis. When left unchecked, gingivitis leads to the deep tissues and roots getting infected, which causes the tooth to come loose.

Since the enamel is not a living cell, it will not repair itself naturally. Therefore, a cavity can become permanent. Acidic food and beverages can also cause tooth sensitivity and discoloration of the teeth.

What to Do

Acidic drinks are some of the most popular beverages. Taking these drinks in moderation is one sure way to keep your teeth and gums healthy. However, the best way to deal with the effects of acid on the teeth is to avoid them altogether. For more information regarding your dental health, don't hesitate to contact us.
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