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Are Toothpicks Safe?

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Bryan Neu
Are Toothpicks Safe?As much as toothpicks can be convenient, they are not a safe option when it comes to dislodging stuck food particles in between your teeth. Therefore, understanding the various risks posed by toothpicks will help you make better decisions regarding them. Here are some of the dangers of using toothpicks.

Damage to the Gums and Teeth

A toothpick can break or get stuck in between your teeth. This is more likely, especially when you are using them roughly. Also, wedged or broken toothpicks are dangerous because they can lead to inflammation of your gums. The more they stay in between your teeth, the more damage they cause. If you have a broken piece of a toothpick stuck in your teeth, trying to remove it by yourself will cause more inflammation and possible infections. This is why you need to stop using toothpicks altogether.

Damage to Dental Work

Using toothpicks can affect existing dental work like veneers and fillings. This is more likely to happen if you have an existing gap or issue on your dental restoration. Any toothpick activity on them will cause great pain. This can also result in fracturing, loosening, or even loss of dental restoration. Also, it is hard for toothpicks to fit in tiny spaces between dental restorations. Using it will widen the gap and cause the restoration to fall out.

Oral Infections

Toothpicks can also cause various infections. The toothpick's sharp end might puncture your gums or cause cuts in your mouth. As a result, there will be open wounds that are highly susceptible to harmful bacteria. You might end up suffering from oral conditions like tooth decay and gum disease. If left untreated, these conditions might advance and lead to severe consequences like tooth loss. Contact our offices for more information on the dangers of using toothpicks.
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