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Learn About The Benefits of Gum Line Contouring

Posted on 11/8/2021 by Bryan Neu
Learn About The Benefits of Gum Line ContouringDue to the genetic predisposition of our patients, in some cases their gums can cover a large part of their teeth, affecting the aesthetics of their smile and making them more prone to infections. To solve this, in our offices we offer gum contouring, read on to learn more about this life-changing procedure.

What Is Gum Line Contouring?

In this procedure, we use specialized tools to remove excess gum tissue from our patients' teeth. It is a beneficial treatment, since in case of periodontal disease, it reduces its recurrence and limits dental decay.

From an Aesthetic Perspective

This procedure helps our patients to expose the crowns of their teeth to create a more harmonious smile. In addition to this, not everyone has a uniform amount of gingival tissue, so with the gum contour, we give it a balanced and symmetrical shape.

In cases where the gum is too high as a result of a recession, the gum contour can also solve it. This recession can make your teeth look too long, exposing their roots, being a typical presentation of periodontal disease.

Health Benefits

In addition to the obvious aesthetic benefit, excess gum tissue can bring complications to our patients, since food particles that are difficult to remove with brushing can get stuck. This accelerates the process of tooth decay, which can cause gingivitis and bleeding. This trimming of the gums can greatly prevent periodontal disease, giving our patients a healthy smile for longer.

It is a Short Procedure

Unlike many dental procedures, we perform gum contouring in a single visit and it has a short and easy recovery. We highlight that it is a permanent treatment so touch-ups are not usually necessary. It is a painless procedure which will completely transform how you perceive your smile and will greatly benefit your dental health. Visit our offices and give your smile the symmetry that you have always dreamed of.

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