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Everything About Digital Dental X-Rays

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Bryan Neu
Everything About Digital Dental X-RaysDental technology has advanced so much just for the purpose of offering our patients comfortable, painless, and fast care. Traditional X-ray technologies and techniques entailed several complications between waiting time and preparation. With digital radiography, this incredible diagnostic study makes the work of our dentists way easier and the experience of our patients is way more comfortable. We want to talk to you a little more about it.

How Does Digital Radiography Work?

The digital radiography process is quite similar to the usual dental X-rays. In digital radiography, we insert a sensor into your mouth that helps us capture images of your teeth, one of the main differences between old-school X-rays. Although the image we get is basically the same, the digital sensor is an electronic device that connects to a computer, which captures the images and projects them immediately on the screen, so we can observe them. It is a safe procedure, free of dangers.

Remarkable Benefits of Digital Dental X-Rays

Among the incredible benefits of dental radiography, we highlight that it uses a significantly less amount of radiation compared to traditional radiography - in fact, 90% less. Additionally, it makes dental appointments easier, since we do not need additional preparation time. It even has environmental benefits since we do not need additional chemicals to obtain the images we need.

As well, the quality of the image is much higher, and the storage and sending of the image is easier, due to its digital format. It is a study that represents a smart investment; it saves time and has great diagnostic accuracy, as well as reducing risks compared to traditional radiography.

With these images, we can make an early diagnosis of any pathology and plan orthodontic treatments with excellence. Come to our offices to enjoy the benefits of digital X-rays.

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