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Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Posted on 12/23/2021 by Bryan Neu
Are Dental X-Rays Safe?Dental X-ray tests are safe; nevertheless, they necessitate extremely low amounts of radiation exposure, which reduces the danger of possible adverse consequences. The X-ray instruments and procedures are intended to minimize radiation exposure to the human system. Every effort is taken to keep radioactivity as low as reasonably possible. To protect the stomach and thyroid gland, a lead - based scarf or a lead based thyroid chain may be worn. For more information about the safety of X-Rays, call our office today.

Are you expecting a child?

If you are pregnant, you need to ensure you get your exams done on schedule and at the right time. Please notify the dentist; you may need X-rays taken throughout your pregnancy as a portion of your treatment program for a tooth problem. Dental treatment, comprising dental X-rays, is safe during pregnancy, per the International Clinical Practice Guidelines. The use of a lead scarf and thyroid chain will shield you and the fetus from radiation exposure. Dental X-rays do not need to be postponed if you are attempting to conceive or are nursing. Consider coming and consulting us on matters pertaining X-Rays examinations and safety for X-rays on pregnancy.

Who Requires a Dental X-Ray?

Numerous individuals may require a dental X-ray. To do dental treatment, the dentist may need to identify a condition that is causing discomfort or evaluate the anatomy of your mouth. Several problems that an X-ray might reveal are considerably worse than the minute quantity of radiation involved. Here are some of the medical issues that a dental X-ray might detect:

Decay in the spaces between the teeth, a root canal transforms, Loss of bone, tumors and growths, infections of the teeth and gums. These are the kinds of issues that can go undetected if not detected by dental X-Rays and lead to considerably severe problems later on.

Catching problems is always easier, less costly, and less unpleasant when it comes to oral health. Therefore, if you have medical issues and need X-Rays services, the safest direction to take is to seek medical help or call us immediately.
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