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When to wear a retainer

Posted on 1/24/2022 by Bryan Neu
When to wear a retainerWearing a retainer can be uncomfortable if they are not well put by a dentist, Retainers are common among those who have braces. If you remove braces the dentist will recommend that you wear a retainer. Other people will wear a retainer to close the gaps in their teeth and it helps those with speech problems.

Why do I wear a retainer?

The most common reason you will need a retainer is to help the teeth stay in a good position after the removal of braces. When you grow the teeth tend to shift and this is one reason you should consider wearing a retainer. The orthodontist will recommend that you wear a retainer to keep your teeth in line and close the gap between the teeth. If you are wearing a retainer for any reason certain teeth right experience too much pressure and will get sore.

Tongue thrust and retainer

Retainers will solve many mouth problems apart from shifting. If you have a tongue thrust where the tongue sneaks in between the teeth when someone speaks. Some retainers have a crib hanging from the roof of the mouth. The tongue is thus trained to go to the roof of the mouth instead of going in between the teeth.

TMD and retainers

There are retainers that help people with TMD disorders which come as a result of the bite problem. This is where the teeth do not meet together and the condition is known as malocclusion it involves grinding while you are asleep. The retainers will offer assistance and your mouth will not close completely at night.

Retainer fitting

Orthodontist fits the retainer using alginate material. The material is thick, chewy, and makes a mold into the teeth when you sink it in. The retainer is fit to express the style and the like you want. Our orthodontist will fit a retainer to keep your teeth in line.
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