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What Is Necessary For A Dental Crown?

Posted on 3/7/2022 by Bryan Neu
What Is Necessary For A Dental Crown?If you are seeking a restorative procedure, dental crowns are some of the most common. Placing a typical crown procedure involves several steps. Once you visit a dentist, you will be examined for restoration. The dentist will fabricate it before installation. You will also have a dental checkup to see if there may be oral issues you are experiencing such as gum disease or decay. Here we give you the steps for dental crowns installation.

Tooth Preparation

A dentist will prepare the tooth that is receiving the crown so that the crowing is done properly. Not shaping the tooth can mean that the crown fails to be placed properly which can create other issues. First, the dental professional anesthetizes the tooth and removes decay. Shaping of the teeth follows. Usually, a tooth must be filed down and reshaped. At times, the tooth could be too small to start with. In such a case, the dentist builds up the core of that tooth with a special filling material. The aim of filling the tooth is to make a tough base to allow safe and effective crowning.

Creating Impression

The dentist makes a mouth impression which is utilized to mold an impression. The impression is for the tooth as well as the surrounding teeth. Also, there is an impression of the teeth that are opposite to the crown. This way, it ensures that the crowing will not negatively influence your bite.

Temporary and Permanent Crowns

The dental specialist will place a temporary crown in order to guard the tooth within the period the permanent crown is being made. Once the new crown has been fabricated, you get back to the dental office for placement. The dentist removes the initial temporary crown and fits the new one. Visit us for crown placement and other restorations. Schedule your appointment now.

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