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Four Reflective Signs You Should See In a Dentist

Posted on 7/18/2022 by Bryan Neu
Four Reflective Signs You Should See In a DentistA far more severe issue in your mouth is frequently indicated by a change in how your teeth respond to hot and cold temperatures. Tooth sensitivity to cold or hot food might cause more annoyance. Moreover, locating the source of this sharp pain can help resolve the problem. The sooner a cavity is treated, the better, as decay moving through the enamel to the tooth's center might cause new sensitivity to particular foods or temperatures. Sensitivity could also indicate a separate issue, such as teeth grinding, a decayed filling, or a broken tooth.

You always have bad breath (Halitosis)

If brushing and flossing your teeth do not improve your breath; then you might have a bigger problem. This can be caused by several things, such as your diet, acid reflux, a long-term sinus infection, dry mouth, medications, uncontrolled diabetes, and gum disease. Mouthwashes and mints can help, but they may hide the problem. Whether bad breath is a sign of something else or something you have to deal with on your own, our dentist will have suggestions for you that will help.

You are having jaw trouble.

If you have an uneven bite or your jaw pops when you chew or open and close your mouth, it could get worse if you do not do anything about it. You can ask our dentist for help, or he or she can suggest an orthodontist who can help you.

You have pain and swelling in your teeth.

It is almost impossible to ignore tooth pain. If you have pain or swelling in your teeth or gums that does not go away, it could mean many different things. You should see a dentist to check for an infection or gum disease. Pain that does not go away is not normal, and you do not just have to deal with it. Even if the pain eventually disappears, the problem could still be there. Call us to book an appointment.
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