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The Tooth Fairy Likes To Collect Healthy Teeth, Let's Brush And Floss!

Posted on 9/19/2022 by Bryan Neu
The Tooth Fairy Likes To Collect Healthy Teeth, Let's Brush And Floss!One of our special holidays in America is August 22nd, where we commemorate the beloved Tooth Fairy. She is so special to our families that she has received two days for celebrating her. We gather together to party on February 28th and August 28th. You may compare her to her magical peers like Easter Bunny and Santa Clause, but Tooth Fairy brings a constant relationship between the parents and their children ages 6 to 12. In this age range, it is the time when loose baby teeth start to fall out, paving the way for new permanent teeth. Besides, it is a perfect time for the kids to get a little bit of magic to soothe the anxiety they have about losing their baby teeth.

So, Who's the Tooth Fairy?

She collects a lot of teeth, and perhaps you may want to know why. Well, her motives are not clear, but there is much speculation on what Tooth Fairly does with those teeth she collects. Remember that Tooth Fairy loves getting healthy teeth. The rumor is that once she collects the healthy pearly whites of the kids, she awards them rewards in exchange. Since you want your kid to have the best prize, if she is struggling with maintaining good oral health habits, you need to reinforce positive behavior.

What Does Tooth Fairy do With the Teeth?

Popular theories say that once Tooth Fairy collects the teeth, she uses them to build a palace, replace her piano keys, or pass them on to babies. Some even say that she conducts science experiments with those teeth.

What to Focus On

When celebrating National Tooth Fairy Day, you want to teach kids how to floss and brush. You also want to make them love visiting the dentist. The kids need to be encouraged to get their teeth cleaned by the dentist and the mouth inspected so that once the baby teeth are falling, Tooth Fairy will find them healthy and give a good prize. Contact us to get ideas on what you should do during the celebrations.
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