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Six Month Smiles®

If you have crooked teeth that cause you unnecessary embarrassment, but worry about how long traditional braces or other straightening treatments will take, we at Neu Family Dental in East Dundee, IL have an exciting option for you! Six Month Smiles can give you the beautiful, even smile of your dreams in as little as, well, six months. Adult patients who want to straighten their teeth can finally take advantage of fast and discreet orthodontic care.

What is Six Month Smiles®?

Six Month Smiles is a teeth straightening method for the front upper and lower teeth using brackets and wires. Unlike traditional metal braces, Six Month Smiles uses clear brackets and tooth-colored nickel-titanium wires, so they’ll be less noticeable. Patients are more comfortable during their treatment and are better able to maintain their oral hygiene, with Six Month Smiles than they would be with some other treatment methods.

Because Six Month Smiles is designed to straighten teeth quickly, it is ideal for patients who want cosmetic straightening benefits and don’t have more complex orthodontic concerns. Still, Six Month Smiles is powerful enough to treat issues such as crowding, gaps, and some mild malocclusions (bad bites). Many of our patients choose Six Month Smiles to prepare for an upcoming event, such as a wedding or career change.

What are the Benefits of Six Month Smiles®?

•  Less Noticeable: The tooth-colored materials used for 6 Month Smiles treatments are much less noticeable than traditional metal braces.
•  Less Cost: Because the treatment time is so abbreviated, the cost is typically less than traditional alternatives.
•  Fewer Visits: You can expect fewer visits as opposed to using a more traditional orthodontic solution.
•  More Discreet: Six Month Smiles offers the benefit of straightening your teeth quickly and discreetly.
•  Faster Treatment: As the name suggests, you could have your new smile in as little as six months.

What are Traditional Alternatives to Straighten Teeth?

Traditional metal braces are the most common alternative to Six Month Smiles. These familiar braces are sleeker and smaller today than in the past but can still be distracting to the eye. Often adult patients seeking to straighten their teeth will eschew metal braces for aesthetic reasons. Traditional metal braces can also take anywhere from 12 to 24 months to complete orthodontic treatment. Still, traditional metal braces may be a better option for more complex dental issues.

6 Month Smiles® vs. Traditional Orthodontic Solutions

Ultimately, it will be up to you and Dr. Neu to decide which teeth straightening is right for your smile during your consultation. While traditional metal braces can take longer than a year to give you a beautiful, even smile, Six Month Smiles can boast an effective and aesthetically pleasing treatment in half the time.

During your appointment to receive Six Month Smiles, Dr. Neu will be able to fit your brackets with a custom-fabricated tray that enables a precise and easy application for bonding. The application of traditional braces will require more time in office and will require more follow up visits in the future. Six Month Smiles offers a simple, fast, and elegant solution for adult patients looking to achieve straighter, more dazzling smiles.

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Achieve a straighter smile with 6 Month Smiles. Our East Dundee dentists at Neu Family Dental offer this fast and discreet orthodontic solution for adults. Call us today to learn more!
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