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Kids Cavity Treatment
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Cavities are among the most common oral health problems. Kids are more susceptible to cavities than adults because of their fragile dental structure and a sweet tooth for sugary foods. Untreated cavities can result in multiple oral issues, from tooth loss to dental decay. They can also cause gum infections, inhibiting the speaking, eating, and playing ability of your child. Fortunately, cavities in kids are highly preventable and treatable. Our pediatric dentist at Neu Family Dental can treat cavities in your child and restore their oral health. Bring your child to us for comprehensive kids cavity treatment in East Dundee, IL.

What Is Kids Cavity Treatment?

Kids cavity treatment is an oral solution for reversing the effects of dental caries in children. Dental caries or cavities are tiny holes that form on the tooth surface due to poor oral hygiene. Kids cavity treatment seals these holes with dental fillings and stops tooth decay through fluoride treatment.

The mouth has a substantial amount of beneficial and harmful bacteria. If your child does not brush their teeth after snacking, the harmful bacteria combine with food particles to form a thin, sticky biofilm called dental plaque. Unremoved dental plaque accumulates over time and turns into hardened minerals called tartar. Plaque and tartar deposits can build up on the tooth surface and the surrounding gum tissue, leading to cavities.

In the initial stages, cavities often go unnoticed. However, the tiny holes enlarge with time, becoming more challenging to treat. Untreated cavities in kids can cause dental decay, form an abscess on the gums, or lead to premature tooth loss. Kids cavity treatment can help address these dental concerns and restore their oral health.

Importance of Kids Cavity Treatment

Cavities in kids can cause several oral health issues. Your child might have difficulty chewing, speaking, or playing. Children with untreated cavities can also develop gum infections, forcing them to miss school.

As such, the importance of kids cavity treatment cannot be understated. It stops the progression of tooth decay, restoring the structural integrity of their teeth. It also helps prevent gum infections and relieves oral soreness. Most importantly, it restores their smile and oral health.

Benefits of Kids Cavity Treatment

Kids cavity treatment is beneficial to the oral health of your child. It averts the growth of cavities and protects the teeth from dental decay. It enhances the strength and structure of their natural teeth, preventing premature tooth loss. Depending on the selected curative option, kids cavity treatment can improve the appearance of their teeth. Most dental fillings mimic natural teeth, making them ideal for treating cavities.

When you schedule a dental visit for your child, our pediatric dentist will take you through dental care tips to help protect your child from tooth cavities.

Kids Cavity Treatment Procedure

We offer two options for kids cavity treatment and prevention at our dental clinic. Dental fillings are among the most effective ways of treating tooth cavities in kids. It entails filling damaged teeth with various materials to restore their appearance and functionality.

Treating cavities with dental fillings is a painless procedure. Depending on the severity of decay, we may administer general anesthesia to your child for their treatment. We may also use local anesthesia on some kids to numb the site.

The next step involves drilling the cavitated tooth enamel and removing decayed tissue to avert further progression. We will then prepare the cavity by smoothening the sides in readiness for the filling.

Our pediatric dentist will place the filling material directly into the cavity and harden the sealant with ultraviolet light. The last step involves removing excess filling materials to ensure they align with the neighboring teeth.

We also recommend fluoride treatment for cavity prevention in kids. The procedure is straightforward. It involves applying high doses of fluoride to the teeth to strengthen the enamel and prevent cavities. Fluoride remineralizes the teeth, making them less prone to decay.

Caring for Kids Teeth

Regular brushing and flossing are among the most effective ways to prevent tooth cavities in your child. Teach your child to brush and floss their teeth for the recommended duration. Ensure they use a pea-sized dab of fluoride toothpaste to avoid fluorosis. Provide healthier snacking alternatives to satisfy their cravings for sugary foods and maintain their oral health. Most importantly, schedule your child for regular dental checkups.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kids Cavity Treatment

In this section, we answer common questions we receive from parents about kids cavity treatment.

At what age should kids start getting cavity treatments?

Cavity treatments for kids should start as soon as they develop their first teeth. On average, kids ages two to 11 are the ideal candidates for cavity treatments.

Is kids cavity treatment painful?

Kids cavity treatment is a painless procedure. We use numbing agents like local anesthesia to make your child comfortable during treatment. We may also administer general anesthesia during the procedure, particularly when treating multiple cavities.

How long does the procedure take?

The treatment duration depends on the number of cavities we are treating. In most cases, kids cavity treatment takes less than one hour.

Are there any alternatives to fillings for kids cavities?

Dental fillings are among the most effective ways of treating kids cavities. However, we may recommend alternative treatments, depending on the severity of the decay. Other options include fluoride treatments and dental crowns. Tooth extraction is the last resort for severely cavitated teeth.

Ensure Your Childs Dental Health

Instilling good oral habits in your child can make a difference in ensuring they have healthy teeth and gums. It establishes a strong foundation of oral health that your child will emulate into adulthood. At Neu Family Dental, we offer comprehensive dental services for the entire family, including kids. We can help prevent and treat cavities in kids. Call us at to schedule an appointment for kids cavity treatment in East Dundee, IL.

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