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CEREC Dental Crown
East Dundee, IL

The teeth are the strongest substance in the human body. Proper oral care is essential for keeping them that way. However, even with a good oral care routine, accidents can still occur that result in tooth damage. Treating damaged teeth is necessary for restoring the functions and aesthetics of the affected teeth, as well as protecting your oral health. Typically, this is done with crowns. At Neu Family Dental, we can provide you with crowns in a single visit with CEREC technology.

Single-Visit Crowns at Neu Family Dental, in East Dundee, IL

Restoring Teeth With Crowns

Crowns are a common restorative treatment that is used when the damage to your teeth extends beyond their enamel layer. They are similar to caps, designed to cover the entire visible portion of the damaged teeth. They have several functions. Crowns provide strength to weakened or compromised teeth. They protect from further damage and bacterial infections. They restore the functions of the teeth. They can also restore the appearance of your smile.

The Typical Procedure for Getting Crowns

Typically, getting a crown requires two separate appointments, usually spaced out about two weeks. At the first appointment, the affected tooth is prepared. Done under a local anesthetic, preparing the tooth involves the removal of some of the enamel, reducing the tooth in size. Removing this enamel is important for ensuring that the crown fits comfortably and naturally in your mouth. After the tooth is prepared, an impression is taken. The impression is sent to a dental lab, where the tooth is designed and created. Because it can take a couple of weeks for the crown to be completed, a temporary crown is placed while you wait. Once the crown is ready, you return for your second appointment. At this appointment, the crown is checked for fit and cemented into place.

Getting Your Crown in One Visit

Thanks to CEREC technology, the wait, and the need for a temporary crown, are eliminated. You get your crown in a single visit. CEREC, which stands for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic, uses the latest dental technology to take your impressions, design your crown, and create it, all right in our office.

Getting your crown with CEREC starts similarly to the traditional crown procedure. After administering a local anesthetic, we prepare your tooth. Next, we take a digital impression of your mouth. Rather than sending the impression to an off-site lab, the image displays directly on our computer screen. We are then able to use specialized software to design a custom crown based on the exact parameters of your mouth. We can even match the exact color of your natural teeth.

After the crown is designed, the information is sent to an in-house milling machine. We select a block of ceramic that matches the color of your natural teeth and insert it inside. The machine uses your design to mill the crown from that single block of ceramic. Once it is finished, we can check it for fit. If everything looks good, it is cemented into place. There is no need for dealing with temporary crowns, and you do not have to return to the office for a second appointment.

Waiting weeks for a crown to be completed at the dental lab is not only an inconvenience, but it can also increase your risk of developing an infection. Get your crowns in one visit with CEREC. To schedule your appointment, call Neu Family Dental today at (847) 230-9143.
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Single-Visit Dental Crowns | Neu Family Dental - East Dundee, IL
At Neu Family Dental, we can provide you with crowns in a single visit with CEREC technology. Click here to learn more about single visit dental crowns here.
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