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Ortho-Tain Invisible Aligners

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A beautiful smile has the power to make quite an impression on those around you. When your teeth are crooked, however, it can significantly affect the appearance of your smile, as well as your confidence. Not only that, but alignment issues can significantly impact your oral health, causing uneven tooth wear and jaw pain. Traditionally, crooked teeth have been corrected with metal braces. While effective, metal braces are quite visible, and can sometimes cause more embarrassment than just having crooked teeth! At Neu Family Dental, we can provide an alternative treatment with Ortho-Tain.

What Is Ortho-Tain?

While traditional metal braces are quite effective, and still a very popular treatment to this day, not everyone is fond of the idea of having a shiny silver smile that may stick with them for a few years. Ortho-Tain provides an alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment. Instead of brackets and wires that gradually move your teeth into proper alignment, Ortho-Tain uses clear plastic aligners. Unlike other clear, removable aligners, Ortho-Tain only needs to be worn for a few hours a day. Based on your specific needs, we will help to determine the exact amount of time each day they should be worn. Results can often be seen in just a few months, with many patients seeing results in less than a year.

Treatment for All Ages

Often, orthodontic treatment with traditional braces is held off until a child is between 11 and 13 years old. However, orthodontic issues can begin to present themselves much sooner. To help parents take action and prevent serious orthodontic issues later, Ortho-Tain has options for all age groups:
•  Nite-Guide. This particular device is used for children between the ages of 5 to 7, and it is worn while they sleep. It is clear, and comfortable, helping to guide the teeth of your child into proper alignment.
•  Occlus-o-Guide. This treatment is meant for children between 8 and 12. It is worn for 2 to 4 hours twice a day, and results can be achieved in anywhere from 4 to 10 months.
•  Ortho-T. This treatment is designed for people ages 12 and up, or those who have all of their adult teeth. The device only needs to be worn for 2 hours a day. You begin to see results in as little as one month.

Why Choose Ortho-Tain?

There are several benefits to using Ortho-Tain to correct crooked teeth:
•  You do not have to deal with metal mouth. Instead of metal brackets and wires, you wear clear aligners.
•  Treatment is affordable, often costing half to one-third of the price of traditional treatment.
•  Treatments are available for younger patients, as well as for adults.
•  It can correct a variety of issues including overcrowding, spacing, overbites and more.
•  Correcting alignment issues helps you to achieve the beautiful smile you have always wanted, which can also aid in giving you a boost of confidence.
•  Along with aesthetic improvements, treatment can also help to improve your oral health. By correcting alignment issues, you lower your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease. Treatment can also help with TMJ issues.

If orthodontic issues are affecting your smile and oral health, Ortho-Tain might be the answer. Call Neu Family Dental today to schedule your consultation at (847) 230-9143.

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